Why You Should Use an Auto Salvage Yard

Looking to sell a wrecked or salvage vehicle? Looking for a junk car, truck or vehicle removal?


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Our inventory is updated constantly with foreign and domestic vehicles, all makes and models.

Need a headlight, tail light, or even a good windshield or window to pass inspection?  A salvaged bumper or a replacement hubcap?  Need a used door handle so you can get out of your car? Missing one chrome piece and your car looks undressed? A salvage pool is an entity that acquires junk and salvage automobiles from a variety of parties and consolidates them for resale at a common point of sale. Steve’s Towing Inc is a full-service junk car removal company. We’ll remove almost anything from old furniture and appliances to garden waste and renovation debris. Our car and truck removal service in quick and easy. We offer best junk car salvages in Norfolk VA.

Our staff has professional knowledge of all motor vehicles and their component parts. Our teams can answer your questions about cars and trucks and provide information about the manufacturer specifications and working replacement parts. We’re proud to offer a sustainable and cost-effective way to both dispose of and reuse junk cars.

Let our professional staff do the work for you.Our attentive and knowledgeable staff can fulfill all of your used auto part needs. Through every step of the process, from locating the used part you need at a price that works for you to receiving your part in clean, working order, you will have the satisfaction of working with a reputable auto salvage yard.Our longevity in the used auto parts industry is due to our history of dependable products, friendly service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Sell us your junk car, junk truck, junk van or any junk automobiles. Engines, transmissions, wheels and more, we’ll do our best to find the part you need. Our sales staff is ready to help with any need: parts, or rebuildable cars, trucks, vans, or suv’s.

When a once trusty, old car finally bites the dust, this may be the proper time to take it to the junk yard. Steve’s Towing has specialized in auto salvage for the past 4 years so you can trust us to help you with that. If you need to have your old clunker hauled off, we can take care of that for you. If you are looking for a specific part for your current car, we may also be able to help you there. We have the best reputation in the area for junk car salvage yards.

We can help youOne of the hassles of owning an older car is that when it stops running for good, it can be a real pain to get rid of it. If the car is old enough, it may not have a high trade-in value at a dealer; so what should you do with it then? Some people choose to just let the car sit in their backyard for years. This is not really an effective strategy for handling the problem. You are avoiding the problem rather than finding a long-term solution. The best option is to let an auto salvage yard representatives like ours come and pick up your car with an auto wrecker. This way you will not have to worry about hiring a tow truck driver to come to your home, hook up the vehicle, and then haul it to our location. We will take care of everything for you.Not everyone uses a junk car salvage yard for ridding themselves of a car that no longer runs. Instead, they come to check out our inventor of junk cars. The main reason is to find a certain part. When rebuilding a classic car or just fixing a problem with a current car, junk yards offer people a great deal on parts. Often, you can save a significant amount of money getting a part from a junk yard for which a dealer or a big name repair shop will charge you significantly more. In addition to that, some parts, especially for classic cars, can be incredibly hard to find. When a car was last manufactured several decades ago, the chances of finding its parts is going to be a lot less than a current model vehicle. With the help of a local junk yard, you may be able to find just the part you need for a fraction of the market price.

Whether you need to ditch an old car or find a specific part, an auto salvage yard like Steve’s Towing can be the perfect solution. We have been in business for #YEARS and have no plans of stopping anytime soon. You can contact us at (757) 504-0992 / Norfolk if you have any questions.